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Friday, September 29, 2006

It's official

I'm insane. Already working on outlining Ghost, Ghoul, Goblin, Witch and Devil, Demon, Dragon, Warlock, (I've now fixed on the overall title of The Witch and the Warlock, so it would be GGGW: Volume I of TWATW, DDDW: Volume II). So, there's plenty to do. Each volume is composed of four 'books' of ten chapters each. That's 80 chapters to outline. Then comes the writing. All on top of pimping my first manuscript, Rose|Thorn (which, btw, is still with the agent).

So, why am I insane? Is that not enough? Yeah, well, I've also started drafting--yes actually drafting--my fourth novel and third that I'm writing concurrently. I know, I know. But the idea is so fucking exciting. I mean this one is good, very, very, very fucking good. The first chapter is done and it is, forget humility, freaking awesome. (Any of my lame friends who want to read it just send me an e-mail). The first chapter is mind-blowingly better than anything I've written in the past.

So there, are we agreed? I'm insane? Yes.


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