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Friday, October 27, 2006

A (fake) overheard conversation . . .

She: Has everyone seen the pumpkin?
He: I hear the Pampas is quite rainy this time of year.
She: Quite, and Mickey got a little irritated by it. So what are we going to call him?
He: Let’s call him Horatio and force him to carry the lunch basket . . . and the blanket.
She: I was thinking Wilson, maybe say he got a little sick of being on that island and went "FedEx-al"
He: Better to go with Spaulding. Want to avoid any copyright infringement, yes?
She: Good point. By the way, I found a recipe for shrunken heads on the internet.
He: Well, that would create a highly specific “mood” at the picnic. Might spoil some appetites, though. Suggest a different activity; perhaps, potato sack race?
She: They also have a recipe that uses apples instead of heads.
He: In that case, I suppose it might be incorporated into the bobbing for apples.


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