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Monday, April 23, 2007

Online Fiction

Here is an online novel, Gormglaith, by Swiss (?) writer Heidi Wyss. I cannot yet decide if I'm really going to get 'into' Gormglaith. Not that I'm averse to esoteric, or difficult, reading--after all I have loved Hal Duncan's The Book of All Hours. Wyss' work, however, utilizes an idiosyncratic idiom (as it were), in a way reminiscent of Burgess' Clockwork Orange. In other words, the characters talk funny, and the standard problem with books in which the characters talk funny is that it can strike you as either genuine or forced. I just haven't decided yet, but so far I'm enjoying the fresh strangeness of Wyss' book. (I could also admit that I did not really get 'into' Duncan's work at first, but later became a rabid convert).

In any event, I'm linking partly for ulterior motives because Wyss has done something close to what I'm considering doing with RoseThorn--release the book for free download over the internet. She's chosen to do a few things differently from the way that I would (or will) but I wanted to link to the site just to give an erg of my support to this sort of thing.


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