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Friday, December 14, 2007

Short Fiction 1.0

Rule 0: There are no Rules.

Rule 1: Believe Rule 0 if you will, but prepare your best resistance against the Borg (err, I mean most other writers, editors and other busy-bodies who know the rules of writing short fiction.)

Rule 2: You know what they say about the Borg.

Rule 3: There are no Rules, but there are compromises that you make in the vain hope that you will be published.

Rule 4: Follow Rule 3 if you will; it won't make a difference.

Rule 5: There are 1000 stories for every one that you submit. There are 10 publishing slots for every 1000 submissions, nine of which are reserved for 'names' and FOE's.

Rule 6: Each of the stories that you write is better than most of the stories that are published.

Rule 7: Some of the stories that you write are better than any of the stories that are published.

Rule 8: Rules 6 and 7 do not matter.

Rule 9: It's okay to be bitter and jealous; they are, at least, human emotions. (Hey, you can write about them!)

Rule 10: Write what you want to read; odds are you will be the only one doing so anyway, so you might as well enjoy it.



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